Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Three yays, two bleahs

#1 YAY - Thank you for your comments! I am so thrilled and excited to be read. I'll try to be more consistent with my posts for you. Yay!

#2 YAY - I met with the doctor who is going to evaluate me for the medical school. He is trained as a psychiatrist and a neurologist, and he has very cool shoes. I was expecting the Inquisition, but his approach was, "let's make a plan to keep you healthy." Yay! Let's! He seemed relatively understanding of all my lapses in judgment and shirked responsibilities last year as I struggled with Migraines 101.

#3 YAY - I am back at my "grown-up" home with my boyfriend. We are going to counseling (with a therapist who wears curiously short skirts) and trying to talk about how we feel a lot more. I know that things aren't going to be magically better overnight, but I am glad that we are still trying.

#1 BLEAH - I have not heard from my neurologist again, so no Topamax trial yet. In addition, his assistant called and teased me with the possibility of seeing a new neurologist who is joining the headache clinic, but she (despite daily, polite-yet-firm phone calls on my end) has yet to get back to me with a fixed date or time. (I've heard those are called "appointments.")

#2 BLEAH - I feel like the weather. Muggy. Smoggy. Moggy. No real headache, but more of a Dead Girl Walking hangover from too many days of too many migraines and too many meds. As my boyfriend got ready for work and I stumbled around the house, I could feel the apprehension creeping in around the edges of our interaction. I explain that it's a not-so-good day, and he looks worried. I feel worried. Are we going back to our old routine?

To end on a happy note, I am currently obsessed with drinking tall glasses of ice water. So obsessed that I went out and bought a set of new glasses expressly for this purpose. Does cold have a flavor? It's delicious.

Thanks again for your comments. I will write, even when it's moggy out.

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Dr.Carley Clan said...

Hi La Migraineuse,

I am Liz over at migrainecommunity, I like your blog, if you do not mind I think I will add it to my blog roll!

I know what you mean about the new drug trials....I found a great web site and it shows all of the drug trials that have ever been done or thats going on right now!!! If you want to know the web site just e-mail.
Anyway, I saw what you are on and the type of migraines you have

Finding a good neurologist is so hard!
Anyway, I hope you are having a pain free day, oo and I saw the poll over to the right but it said it was closed, but to let you know, I do use bio feed back. It does not take the pain away....but when I am waiting in the er it makes it more tolerable!

Hope to hear from you
Liz Bratcher Carley